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The Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industrialists website, subsidized by USAID through the Lebanese Business Linkages Initiative LBLI, is among one of many communication windows we are trying to establish with our colleagues, members, and stakeholders in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Industry, after surviving many years of war and destruction, is fighting today many challenges, trying to adapt with the new economical changes regionally and worldwide. These challenges were the result of many free trade agreements, signed between Lebanon and its traditional commercial partners: GAFTA, Euro-Med Partenariat Agreement, and GATT, not to forget the development of an advanced industrial sector in the neighboring countries, and facing the barriers held in the face of Lebanese exports.

Through the website, we will try our best to share with you the Syndicates many activities and initiatives, among them: The Food Industry Vocational School (Qab-Elias), the world trade shows we participate in under the Lebanese National Pavilion, not to forget news on all the workshops, seminars, and conferences organized or witnessed by the Syndicate members.

Needless to say that the purpose of this website is not only showing our activities, but be the best platform for our members opinions and demands.

Finally, we would like to confirm the fact that the Syndicate success in any endeavor is totally dependent on all our members' solidarity and cooperation.

Georges Nasraoui

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This website was made possible with the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Lebanon Business Linkages Initiative (LBLI) in support of the Agro-Food Industry in Lebanon.



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