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Brands Products Producer Website Details
Ghandour Gandour M.O & Sons Sal www.gandour.com Details
Happy Houses, Gardenia, Bayader El Kheir, Green Pickles, Casa Spices, Grain D`Or Spices, Pickles, Grains Gardenia Grain D`Or www.gardeniaspices.com Details
Cortina Ice cream Gelati Cortina Sal Details
Oussayma Gherawi Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Dragees, Dried Fruits Gherawi Oussayma Est. Details
Nuts, Halawa, Loukoum, Canned Food, Juices, Syrups, Pickles… Green Hill www.greenhill.com Details
Chtoura Foods, Chtoura land, Chtoura Garden Delicacy Ready to eat, Foul, Hommos, Pickles, Olives & Oil, Rose water, Jams, Ketchup, Vegetables, Syrup, Vinegar, Labneh & shanklish, Halawa & Tahina, Desserts, Juices, Spices, Pulses, Tuna Harb Holding International www.chtouragarden.com Details
Sugar Harb Holding International- Chekka Sugar Refinery www.alfainterfood.com Details
Metador Chocolate Hassan Maarouf Zayour www.metador-chocolate.com Details
Hassouneh for Trading and Industry sal Details
Hawa Chicken Poultry Hawa Chicken - Chiken Production & Distribution Co. www.hawachickenlb.com Details
Famous Frites Frozen french fries Hdayed Establishment Details
Seeds & Spices Trading Helbawi Bros Co. sarl www.helbawibros.com Details
Aruba- Splash Hintrag- Aruba www.hintrag.com Details
Non alcoholic soft drinks, Tea, Dairy products, Fats, Grains & Pulses, Food dressing, Food ingredients, Meat, Starch M.M. Sinno & Sons Sarl www.mmsinno.com Details
Maalouf for Industry & Trade Sarl www.mitindustry.com Details
Atayeb el Rif Oil preserved food, Jams, Spread & Preserves, Sweet Syrups, Distilled products, Extra Virgin Oil, Pickles, Vinegars, Sweets & Delicacies MAFCO- Atayeb al Rif www.mafco-lb.com www.atayebalrif.com Details
Fantasia, Hulla Hoops Snacks, Potato chips, Snacks, Potato chips Malco Manufacturing & Distribution Co. Sal www.malco.com.lb Details
Bio Life, London Tea, Ibn Sina, Ferula Harmonis, Herbia Malek Bross Co sarl www.malekbros.com Details
Maroush Restaurant www.marroucherestaurants.com Details
Wines, Arak Massaya www.massaya.com Details
Boom Boom, Chocochoc, Delice, Pix, Hoola Pop, Trolli Chewela, Totto Gusto, Cheque, Cloro Check, Banco, Pour Moi, Pour Toi, Lollypop, Mastar Candy BootsChocotime, Viennoise Bubble gum, Wafer, Hard boiled candy, Menthol eucalyptus drops, Lollipop, Bubble gum, Jelly candy, Germany, Candy, Gum, Bubble gum, Marshmellow, Wafer Master Chewing Gum & Candies Co. Sal www.mastergum.com Details
Mechelany Foods Pickles, Jams, Olive, Oil, Syrups Mechelany Foods- MBM www.mechelanyfoods.com Details
Coffee, Coffee Beans, Dairy Products, Desserts Ingredients, Fava Beans, Flower Products, Molasses, Jams, Juice, Ketchup, Tomato paste, Nuts, Olives, Olive oil, Pickles, Spices, Syrups, Tahina Middle East Commercial Center www.conservestaanayel.com Details
Middle East Mills Details
Domo, Kondor, Darina, Geline, Zahrat Al Mawassem, Lemon Tree, Quick Lemon, Kalite, Puidor Desserts, Ingredients for desserts, Beverages in powder, Food products, Instant drink in powder, Desserts in powder, Jelly crystal, Food products, Low calorie products, Sauces Middle East Packing & Trading Co. - Meptico Sarl www.meptico.com Details
Milco- Hassoun & Chamaa Details
Modern Lebanese Mills- MLM Details
Mouhamad Khaled Hassouneh Sal www.hassouneh.com Details
Eagle Halawa, Tehini, Turkish Delight, Roasted sesame, Coffee beans, Canned food Mounir Bissat Factories www.mounirbissat.com Details
Ready Bags, Ready Cones, Reels, Sleeves Moutahed Sarl www.moutahed.com Details
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