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Brands Products Producer Website Details
Patchi, Gourmandines, Patchino Chocolates, Nougat, Marzipan, Candies, Sugared Almonds Patchi Sal www.patchi.com Details
Pate Boulanager, Sea Slim Kaak, Brioches, Bouchees, Cakes, Bread, Manakeesh, Sweets, Milk Bread, Sandwiches, Toast, Wafer, Donuts, Croissant, Glutten Free products Pate boulanger www.pateboulanger.com Details
Sweets Patisserie El Baba El Shahira Details
Prunelle www.prunel.com.lb Details
Super Vegetal, Chtoura Fields, Al-Maraai, Jordan, SwissLait, Arab Dairy, Joudy, Solitaire, Hayat, El-Doha, White Roses, Gracia Oil, Canned food, Luncheon meat, Milk, Processed cheese, Tomato paste, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Rice, Canned tuna Rachidi Group for Trade and Commerce Details
Alcohol, Arak, Rose orange water Reyashi for industry & trade Details
Riachi for Trade & Commerce Details
Dairy Products RJW Foods Sarl www.taanayel-lesfermes.com Details
Oriental Sweet, Ice cream, chocolate, petit four, cake Rodin www.rodinonline.net Details
Salmon Royal Gourmet www.rgourmet.com Details
Sabil Bottled Water Sabil Water www.sabilwater.com Details
Salloum Bros. Flower water, Rose water, Carob Molasses, Fig Jam, Thym, Sumac, Kishk, Grapes Molasses, Pomegranate molasses Salloum Brothers Details
Tomour Rayan Dates Sami Al Kalash Est www.rayandates.com Details
Sannine Bottled Water Sannine www.sannine.com Details
Second House Products, Truly Phoenician Spices, Seasoning, Seasoning coating mix, Pudding, Baking items, Sugar, Rice, Salt, Tree nuts, Bouquet garni, Salad Toppings, Dry Legumes, Wheat derivatives, Herbs Second House Products www.secondhouseprod.com Details
Shahbaa Company for Mills Details
Nuts, Kernels, Raw nuts, Confectionaries, Chocolate, Coffee Shahbaz nuts www.shahbaznuts.com Details
Shahin, Chocotella Halawa, Loukoum, Chocolate spread, Tahini Shahin Pastry www.eshahin.com Details
Cafe Najjar, Krikita Ground Coffee, Roasted coffee, Nuts Societe Ets. Michel Najjar www.cafenajjar.com Details
Arak Societe Ghassan Tannous Details
Societe industrielle de conditionnement www.sic-lb.com Details
BM Mechaalany Alchohol, Canned Food, Dairy Products, Flower Products, Halawa, Tahina, Jam, Molasses, Olives, Olive Oil, Pickles, Pudding, Pastes, Syrups, Vinegar, Ready Meals Societe libanaise de boisson- Machaalany www.mechaalany.com Details
Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda, H2Oh, Lipton Ice Tea, Tropicana Soft Drinks, Flavored sparkling Water, Ice Tea, Juices Societe Moderne Libanaise Pour le Commerce sal- S.M.L.C www.smlc.com.lb Details
Picon, Fondel, Halloum Pita, Tatra Food Stuff Societe Tabara www.stci-lb.com Details
Wardy, Ghantous & Abou Raad, Al Najjar, Al Arrab, Domaine Wardy, Solifed Arak, Wines, Vinegar Solifed- Domaine Wardy www.domaine-wardy.com Details
Al Rabih, Hiba, Gardens Tahineh, Halawa, Sesame seeds, Canned foods, Jams, Molasses, Syrups, Pickles Sonaco Al Rabih Sarl www.alrabih.com.lb Details
Chocolate Souchet www.souchet-lb.com Details
El - Mouneh, Saint Nicolas 1919 W.Kassatly & Sons Pickles, Grape leaves, Grenadine Molasses, Pure Carob Molasses, Olives, Olive oil, Labneh, shanklish in oil, Jam, Alcohols, Liqueurs, Arak, Spark, Non- Alcoholic Drinks, Syrups, Vinegars St. Nicholas 1919 - William Kassatly & Sons "Societe" Details
Cafe Super Brasil, Lio Café, Cafe Bon Brasil, Extra Brasil, Ponti Espresso, Super Espresso Coffee, Instant coffee Super Brasil Co. Sal www.cafesuperbrasil.com Details
Al Emara Olive Oil, Golden Branch Olive Oil Olive Oil Industrial Kingdom www.industrialkingdom.com Details
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